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    To imagine, innovate and inspire digital transformation.

About Us

Our Mission:

To imagine, innovate and inspire digital transformation.

Our Vision:

To help organizations create value by increasing productivity and delight customers by providing beautiful digital experiences that positively reinforce their brand.

Why us?

With customer expectations constantly on the rise, enterprise applications are becoming obsolete faster. Poor digital experiences have proven to negatively affect a brand and cause attrition to brand loyalty. What was once considered an efficient process is becoming inefficient with the availability of modern technology.
We have successfully consulted on various digital transformation projects across multiple industries. Please take a look at our list of clients.
We take the time to learn your process, understand your users, establish your pain points and collaborate with your stakeholders to strategically arrive at your goals and aspirations.

Our user centric design approach

Big Picture

We start by understanding “Why we are doing what we are doing?”. Arrive at current state pain points and establish the vision for the future state and functional objectives. Usually this is a brainstorming session with decision makers followed by a gap analysis with business analysts.

User research

We then go on to identify the users of the application and formulate the user research. Internal, external, business, end users etc. based on the data available on the users or by research.

Ideate & Iterate

After getting a sense of the users, We start the ideation process by looking at how to present the information they need, to complete the tasks they want to, in a manner that makes the most sense to them. This is achieved by understanding the user’s mental model and architecting the information and technology to mimic their thinking. We start with wireframes, mockups, and progress to prototypes based on the task flow and Information Architecture (IA) while keeping an eye on technical feasibility and brand identity.


We evaluate the progress at each stage gathering feedback from users via Usability Testing(UT) and incorporate it in the next iteration until the stakeholders are satisfied given the time, resource and expertise assigned to the digital transformation objectives.

Our Services

From discovery to delivery we have many services to offer. Our focus is to help you reach your goals by supporting you where you need us the most. We are happy to augment your existing team, work with your preferred vendors, help you manage the project or even provide a turn-key solution.

  • Discovery phase

    Competitive analysis
    Gap analysis
    Customer journey
    Process mapping
    Persona identification
    Heuristic analysis
    Pain points identification
    Business Analysis

  • Design phase

    Information architecture
    Technical architecture / solution design
    Ideation, brainstorming
    Wireframes, prototypes
    UX/Interaction design
    Visual design

  • Delivery phase

    Front end development
    Full-stack development
    Testing (unit, regression, smoke)
    Technical Documentation
    User Training

  • Management services

    Project management
    Product management
    Program management
    Turn-key (design to delivery)

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